5 Tips to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is a stressful and costly exercise, so it’s important that you get it done right the first time. A skilled contractor is essential, as a bathroom can be a tricky space to renovate with plenty of room for things to go wrong. It is very important that you work with someone you trust and has experience with light fixtures, plumbing, installing new showers, baths and basins. This being said, there are also a few things to keep in mind when planning the renovation and thinking about the accessories you would like to incorporate into the bathroom’s design.

We’ve compiled a few bathroom style tips for you to keep in mind when designing your new bathroom, to ensure it is luxurious and inviting:

1. Choose the right flooring

Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are not only stylish in design to complement the rest of the space but are also water-resistant and tolerant. They will look luxurious and last for many years without wearing or dating.

2. Buy a good toilet

There are many quality and affordable choices available, so consider buying a toilet that has a dual flush, slow close lid or taller back to compliment your stylish bathroom design.

3. Create a spacious bathroom

An open-concept shower can bring luxury into your bathroom without taking up extra space. It is less confined and looks more inviting than a traditional shower stall. With the right drainage, a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead, and no curtain or door, you can create a stunning shower area. This will allow sufficient space for the bathing area. For maximum effect, choose a freestanding bath design, which will be the luxurious focal point of the room, and compliment it with freestanding basins.

4. Sit in the bath before buying it

When it comes to choosing your bath, choose the size that is right for you and your family. Ensure that it not only looks nice but that the angled back is comfortable and offers good neck support.

5. Choose stylish fittings

When deciding what kinds of accessories to use to finish your design, choose ones that will make your bathroom really stand out. Pull your luxurious bathroom interior together with top quality, durable bathroom products that won’t quickly age, break or decay. Other finishing touches include choosing a bigger stylish mirror to make the space appear larger, while choosing elegant lighting can make the room feel more attractive and brighter.

Whether you’re looking to remodel, renovate or just freshen up your bathroom we have the right freestanding baths and basins to compliment it. We can offer experienced advice and put you in touch with our contacts in the best luxury fittings and bathroom accessories.

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