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1989 The year when a vision was translated into reality. The year when Ceramix Faucets (India) was incepted. And then started a quest to attain the perfection in bath fittings. The tireless endeavors bore fruits, and Ceramix flourished. The quest continued, and subsequently caused the birth of Su-Dhara Sanitations Pvt. Ltd. in 1994. Ever since, the brand Ceramix has come of ages. And Su-Dhara Sanitations is soaring high.

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of bathroom faucets, accessories. By sticking to quality first rule, we are already exporting 40% of our products to countries like United Kingdom, Singapore etc and also have a dealer network covering most of India.

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Su-Dhara’s ultra -modern R & D with highly skilled engineers incessantly toil to usher in new, innovative, easy to use and easy to maintain, good looking product ranges for every class & segment. Besides carving a niche, Su-Dhara’s Total Quality Management (TQM) has made it a name to reckon with. All along, the devoted professionals derived from the best of the industry are the invaluable assets of the organization. Not to mention, it’s their focused approach in various fields viz. Planning, Manufacturing & Administration that ensures Company’s enviable position among its peers. Add to that the prompt after sales service team, that relentlessly ensures that the company lives upto the high expectations of its esteemed customers. The Company’s future plans include new ranges in bath fittings, in tune with modern tastes and preferences. Also, a better insight into customer requirements to introduce better and preferred products. For Sudhara, tomorrow looks more promising.

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Investment Trusts 90%
Trades & stocks 80%
Financial planning 70%
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